SUN15MAY16 0:26 TELEVOTES. Uitspraak Centrale Raad van Beroep in zaaknummer XX/XXX5 op 22 juni 2016. Hoger beroep in zaaknummer XX/XXX7 aangetekend, griffierechten kwitantie 2016-00844. Ukraine, France. The Winner: Australia/Ukraine. 0:29. Netherlands 11th. 0:37 Synchronisatie Firefox. 361 points to Russia.

Grand Zeister Dictation 11APR16

The Grand Zeister Dictation will take place on Monday, April 11 at 19.30 in the building of the Stichtse Free School at Socrateslaan 24 in Zeist. The program will be presented by none other than DORINE WIERSMA! The dictation will be read by ROBBIE KAMMEIJER. [Ime Smitszaterdag 2 april 2016]

Facebook games: Cross-platform zorgt voor hoogste engagement

Op 20 maart 2016 heeft Facebook tijdens de Game Developer Conference (GDC) bekendgemaakt dat gemiddeld iedere maand 375 miljoen mensen bijdragen aan Facebook-games. Een ex-Microsoft-medewerker is gearresteerd omdat hij onder andere een vroege Windows 8-versie naar een Franse blogger zou hebben gestuurd. De genomineerden voor de SpinAwards 2014 zijn bekend. Tijdens de jurybijeenkomsten op het kantoor van Artbox in Amsterdam en de voorrondes van Young Talent kozen de vakjury’s dit jaar 80 nominaties uit het recordaantal van 545 inzendingen.

Three Unnamed Goats and a Guinnee Piglet

Today we introduce a new creature into the universe of headquarters. Three goats have been confirmed to have no known names and shall be indicated as White Backed Goat, Brownie-1 and Brownie-2. A 2003 novel by Gregory David Roberts, in which a convicted Australian bank robber elaborates on his choices in life keeps intriguing our collective memory. At the doctors hangout an mr. Darakhvelidze’s Art Broadcaster shall lecture the attending crowds Thursday 31st of march between 16:00 and 18:00 hours.


Simple solution to screening out terror

Two of today’s Brussels bombs were at the check-in area of the airport, BEFORE passengers are security screened. This was not a failure of airport security screening — there had been no screening to fail!  

I have traveled through global airports, including Brussels. Only one, Colombo airport in Sri Lanka, screens passengers and bags before they enter the terminal. Terminal screening is common in India, and in the Middle East, but otherwise unknown.
Is screening at the terminal entry the answer? Tyler, head of International Air Transport Association, believes it is not.

Terminal scanners just shift the security screening perimeter and transfer risk elsewhere. The answer is better intelligence to prevent terrorists getting to the airport in the first place. Today was a chilling reminder of what the IRA said after the Brighton Hotel bombing in 1984, when it failed to murder then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher: “We only have to be lucky once — you will have to be lucky always.” Whilst today we were unlucky, in this business beware of simple solutions.